NBS Create introduces functionality to save (or discard) as you work on your specification.

As you edit a job, the changes are stored in memory and saved to the specification file (.spex file) when you click ‘save’.

This guide explains what will happen to your unsaved work in the event that the program closes unexpectedly, or there is a software or network failure.

Please note: This guide only refers to unsaved edits held in memory. When changes are saved, they are taken from memory and saved in the specification file where they are retained regardless of the situations described below.

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Tip: NBS Create includes a save reminder. This option is turned on by default and set to 15 minutes. This means a message reminding you to save will pop up 15 minutes after the last time you saved your document.

The message can be turned off or the interval changed. Click on Manage > Options > Basics > Save reminder. The interval can be set to a minimum of 5 minutes or a maximum of 1 hour.

No. Scenario What will happen Additional information
1 You close NBS Create before saving your changes. For example, you accidentally click to close the program with the red cross in the top right-hand corner before saving. As the program closes, you will be prompted to save any unsaved work. It will not close unless you click ‘save all’, ‘don’t save’ or ‘cancel’ on the message. At this point, no work is lost. If you want the program to remain open, click ‘cancel’. Otherwise click ‘save all’ to save your changes, or ‘don’t save’ to discard them.

Create KB10223 - Save_1

2 The connection between NBS Create and the NBS servers is lost. For example, you lose your internet connection. You will get a message alerting you that the connection to your licence has timed out and asking you to sign in again. This is followed by the option to ‘save’ or ‘don’t save’. At this point, no work is lost. Click ‘close’ when you see the ‘licence has timed out’ message. Then save your changes. Sign back in to NBS Create, and continue to work as normal.

Create KB10223 - Save_2

3 Another user on your licence frees the library seat(s) you are using. Same as scenario 2 Same as scenario 2
4 The connection between NBS Create and the specification file (.spex file) is lost. For example, the specification file is saved on your network and your connection to the network is lost. You will get a message that NBS Create ‘can’t find this job’. Unfortunately any changes that you have made since you last saved your specification will be lost. Click ‘Restart NBS Create’. If you are experiencing issues with your network, please speak to your network administrator. We recommend moving the specification file (.spex file) to your own PC and working on it from there until your network issues have been resolved.

Create KB10223 - Save_3

5 The NBS Create program encounters an issue and closes abruptly. NBS Create has been designed to allow you to save your work before the program closes. However, there may be instances where the program closes despite these safeguards. When this happens, any changes that you have made since you last saved your specification will be lost. In the event that the program closes and you are unable to save your changes, please contact NBS Software Support to investigate the issue.
6 You are not able to save your changes because another user working on the same specification is already saving. Multiple users can work on the same specification at the same time. There will be times when two or more users click to ‘save’ at the same time. In this situation, each subsequent user after the first to save is put into a queue. If a user is in that queue for more than 1 minute then they will get a message advising them that their changes cannot be saved at this time. We recommend clicking ‘try again’, or ‘cancel’ and saving later. No work is lost. Wait for the other user’s save to finish and try to save again.

Create KB10223 - Save_4

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