Validation is the process of keeping your preliminary or specification documents up-to-date. This is recommend if that document has been in development for a long time. 

For example if you have a specification which was started a while ago and is about to be issued for tender, now is a good time to validate it.

Sections in your preliminary or specification are always based on a source. In most cases the source will be the NBS libraries. Validate works by flagging when the section and its source are different.

If clauses containing reference documents such as industry standards and legislation change in the NBS libraries, validate will help you update the clauses of the preliminaries and specifications you have in progress.

Within NBS Building and NBS Landscape you can choose to preview the changes, go through validate or carry on working without validating. 

Validate happens when a source is amended or updated, for example, when you install the latest version of the NBS libraries. If one of your documents includes Section R10 Rainwater pipework/gutters, and this has been updated by NBS, then Section R10 will activate the Validate procedure. By running Validate, your R10 section will be brought up-to-date.

IMPORTANT: Any specifications that were created in NBS Specification Writer (version 1.4 or 2003) will not be validated.  You can identify if a work section was created in NBS Specification Writer by opening the section, right click on the section in the Document Navigator and selecting Edit > Properties.

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