NBS Create needs an internet connection to create and edit specifications.

The NBS Create program is installed on your PC but it looks to the NBS network to log you in and gain access to the NBS Libraries, NBS Guidance, NBS Plus manufacturers and more (see With NBS Create what is stored on my office machines and what is stored online?).

When you add a clause from the NBS library into a specification you are downloading that clause from our NBS servers and adding it into your specification file (.spex) on your PC or practice network.

Our technical authors regularly review the technical content in NBS Create. By hosting this information on the NBS network there is no need for you to manually install any content updates – which means the program will always download the latest available version.

You will still need to occasionally download and install software updates when a new version of the program is released.

Working in this way means that you can use NBS Create on any PC that has an internet connection and you are not restricted to the PC's which you install the program on.

What can I do without an internet connection?

You need an internet connection to create and edit specifications, but if you do not have one you can still open and view your specification in read-only format. You can also publish the specification.

This can be useful for members of your project team who do not have a subscription for NBS Create. For example, a contractor you are working with could install NBS Create and view your specifications in read-only format. They can also re-publish your specification if they need a hard print copy or a PDF.

What happens if I lose my internet connection while I am editing my specification?

The specification editor will switch to read-only mode and you will not be able to continue editing your specification without an internet connection.

Where can non-subscribers download NBS Create from?

Anyone can download and install NBS Create. You need a subscription to create and edit specifications but you can open the program in 'read-only' mode to view and publish specifications.

NBS Create can be downloaded from

NBS Create feature  Requires an internet connection? 
Create and edit a specification  Yes 
Add clauses from the NBS Libraries or your practice Office Masters  Yes 
Create and edit your practice Office Masters  Yes 
Read the NBS Guidance  Yes 
View the NBS Create Help and videos  Yes 
Read a specification in read-only mode  No 
Print or export the specification to PDF/CoBie formats?  No 

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