NBS Live

Digital Thinking, Smart Building

A one-day conference from the RIBAJ and NBS

Tuesday 4 November 2014


What is ‘Digital Thinking, Smart Building’?

NBS Live is a one-day conference hosted by the RIBAJ and NBS and delivered by a diverse mix of construction industry experts.

Following on from its successful launch in 2013, the RIBAJ and NBS are teaming up to create and produce another one-day conference that will provide you with the support, content and information you need to excel in your profession.

Our profession, and the built environment as a whole, is currently undergoing an evolution in the way it works; we are heading towards an ‘internet of things’ for the built environment. In short, we are moving from analogue to digital architecture.

NBS Live will tackle what this means for our profession and outline the possibilities for clients, users and developers. Key to this will be facilitated content that will educate, inspire and entertain, keeping you well-informed and able to tackle the challenges and new opportunities of the digital age.



Like last year, there will be four key themed areas to choose from:






Hear from key industry speakers

Experts from leading building teams and the built environment will share their expertise, tips and advice.

Confirmed speakers already include:

And many, many more.




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52 Upper Street
London N1 0QH

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