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RIBA Enterprises design competition

Help us redesign and refurbish our historic premises in Newcastle upon Tyne

The new design competition for the RIBA Enterprises Limited Head Office building, at the Old Post Office and Studios, on St Nicholas Street in Newcastle upon Tyne is open.

This offers a fantastic and exciting opportunity, to redevelop and refurbish our premises in order to grow and to strengthen the company and our position as the leading provider of specification software in the UK.

RIBA Enterprises wants its Head Office to be an exciting and enjoyable place to work. The company is proud of its base in the North East and is strongly supportive of development in the region. We value being able to contribute to the local economy, and to create jobs here.

The construction industry is evolving, and our customers face new challenges. Being at the forefront of the digital economy reflects our place as an organisation fundamental to the future success of the construction industry

The objective of the building project is to create a working environment that will inspire and motivate colleagues and visitors; a space that will attract and retain high quality staff and support team-working.

A change from the current multiple space occupation will improve internal communication and locate colleagues more closely together across two large open plan floor spaces, offering an environment more conducive to teams working together, across functional boundaries.


The buildings are located on St Nicholas Street to the East (Old Post Office) and Westgate Road to the West (Stamp Exchange), within the Grainger town area of Newcastle Upon Tyne City Centre. They are opposite St Nicholas Cathedral and are close to the Castle and Castle Gate.

The original Post Office property was built 1871-74 and was subject to a comprehensive refurbishment and remodelling project in 1999, when the complex was split into 3 distinct buildings.

The Old Post Office

The Old Post Office, Newcastle upon Tyne


The principles for design must offer support to the RIBA Enterprises vision; to be the recognised authority in knowledge and information in the construction, architecture and built environment sectors, as well as the BIM authority for all industry professionals.

Aesthetically the new design will support and enhance RIBA Enterprises’ reputation, be of high quality and environmentally sustainable, and be designed and delivered using Building Information Modelling (BIM) and NBS Create.


RIBA Enterprises seeks an engaging, inspiring and flexible office-space, which may potentially be used outside of normal office hours, as a social space and hub, and where people can work or relax, inside or out. The inclusion of a roof garden, and possible gallery space, lecture theatre and events spaces will create facilities where colleagues, and visitors, feel at home; a vibrant space reflecting our innovative, professional and trustworthy, image.

RIBA Enterprises aims to accommodate the RIBA North East regional team within the new development; establishing it as a centre of excellence for architecture in the region.

RIBA Enterprises aims for the new design to include many meeting and communal spaces, not only for our Board, but for smaller formal and informal meetings and gatherings.

We expect our staff numbers to grow as the company expands and the redevelopment/design must be able to accommodate this.

RIBA Enterprises would like to thank everyone who submitted their interest in the new building project for its Newcastle offices. Entries are now closed and the short-listed practices will be announced later this month.