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BIM Roundtable Discussion

The NBS BIM Research Report found an industry awash with different opinions on what BIM actually is, and what change it could mean for the architecture and construction industries. Following the release of these findings, NBS quickly gathered some key voices and leading industry commentators, including Paul Morrell OBE, around a table to discuss how BIM will impact the construction sector, and how this will lead to a very different, increasingly collaborative approach to building design and management. Watch the discussions and interviews with the contributors now.

  Part 1: Introducing BIM – What is it, and what does it mean? (28:39)
  Part 2: BIM and Collaboration – Mechanics (33:58)
  Part 3: BIM Adoption – What it means for the industry (17:06)
  Part 4: Who manages BIM? Do we need a BIM Manager? (36:57)


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Is the industry prepared for BIM? Will BIM help meet the low carbon agenda? Should architects take the lead with BIM? We asked key industry figures their views on these and other critical questions on the future of BIM. Watch the interviews to find out their answers.

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