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NBS National BIM Report 2014

NBS National BIM Report 2014The fourth NBS National BIM Report – the industry’s most comprehensive report on BIM – looks at how UK building design professionals are adapting to the use of BIM. Results suggest we are now reaching a stage where BIM is becoming the norm.

Essential reading for those adopting – or considering adopting – BIM and available completely free to download.




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What's in the report?
  • Latest figures for BIM usage and awareness
  • The industry’s verdict on the Government’s approach to BIM
  • Assessment of BIM from those who are using it
  • Analysis of BIM and the smaller practice
  • Expert opinion pieces.
Who is it for?
  • UK construction professionals including architects, engineers, surveyors and contractors
  • Manufacturers – already embarking on BIM or just starting to consider it
  • Policy makers.

NBS National BIM Report 2014 | Infographic
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Key findings
  • Awareness of BIM is now nearly universal
  • In the last year 54% have used BIM on at least one project – 15% more than in 2012
  • The Government’s 2016 deadline is achievable
  • 93% of those who know about BIM believe they will be using it in three years’ time (by 2016)
  • A majority of active BIM users tell us they have reached ‘level 2’ BIM
  • Adoption of BIM is seen to bring competitive advantage
  • Smaller practices are lagging behind their larger competitors
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April 2014




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