The NBS BIM Object Standard is intended for construction professionals, manufacturers and other BIM content developers to assist in the creation of BIM objects that operate in a Common Data Environment (CDE).

Objects which meet the requirements of the standard all share the same levels of information, geometry and presentation. This gives designers reassurance of the quality of these objects and enables better collaboration.

How to create BIM objects that meet the standard

We offer two services for BIM objects that meet the NBS BIM Object Standard:

  1. Authoring and Hosting Service:
    This is an integrated all-in-one service. Our NBS BIM experts can author your BIM objects to meet the requirements of the NBS BIM Object Standard and then place them on NBS National BIM Library. We will maintain and update your BIM objects at no extra cost to meet any future revisions of the standard.
  2. Certification and Hosting Service:
    You can create your own BIM objects independently of NBS to meet the requirements of the BIM Object Standard. Our team of BIM experts will review your objects against the criteria of the standard and make recommendations for any updates required. As soon as your objects comply with the Standard, they can be hosted on the website. You will receive an NBS BIM Object Certification Mark – your guarantee of the quality and consistency of your BIM objects. Only those BIM objects reviewed and certified by NBS are 100% guaranteed to meet the standard.

All manufacturer BIM objects listed on the NBS National BIM Library have their own downloadable certificate which shows that they meet the standard and the date that the object was certified.

Help and guidance

If you decide to create your own BIM objects, we have guidance available to help you understand the requirements of the BIM Object Standard. This includes background information, checks for achieving compliance and technical help.

Register with the NBS National BIM Library to access the online version and benefit from free and extensive NBS guidance.

Next steps

One of our NBS BIM Consultants will be happy to come and assess your product ranges and provide a proposal for either service. To arrange a free, no-obligation meeting: