A dedicated section in NBS software for technical product information and an integral part of the UK’s industry-leading specification system.

NBS PlusNBS is the preferred specification system for the construction industry, used by the majority of architectural and design practices in the UK. NBS Plus is a dedicated section of manufacturers’ technical product information which is embedded into relevant specification clauses within this system. This means that your products can be instantly added into a project specification by a designer, architect or contractor.

Your product information is authored by NBS experts in the official NBS format and linked to specific clauses in the NBS specification. This means that specifiers can import your product information directly into the specification at the time it’s being written and minimises the chance of product substitution.

  • Straightforward to join – simply supply your product literature and data sheets and our technical experts will do the rest
  • Specifiers have instant access to your company and technical product information at the crucial time of specification
  • Less chance of product substitution as your products are placed directly within the specification
  • Inclusion in NBS Plus significantly increases your chances of being specified and gives you greater product exposure and brand awareness than your competitors
  • Your NBS Plus information is linked to your listing in ribaproductselector.com, making it twice as easy for specifiers to find it
  • Increase your exposure by embedding your NBS-formatted technical product information into your own website where it is automatically kept up to date

All manufacturers with products listed In NBS Plus benefit from additional exposure through the NBS BIM Toolkit.

NBS Plus demo

Watch the video and discover how specifiers can choose your product and then add its details – including your contact information – directly to their specification with a single click of the mouse.

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