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Non-structural cracks in concrete. 4th edition

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Non-structural cracks in concrete. 4th edition, 2010


Concrete Society

Camberley, UK, CS


Explains the principles governing the formation of cracks in concrete and defines the various types of non-structural crack which may occur. The factors which govern these cracks are described so that diagnoses may be made and procedures for control suggested. Plastic, early thermal and long-term drying shrinkage cracks are dealt with in detail and cracks due to crazing, corrosion of reinforcement and alkali-silica reaction are also described. The significance of cracks is discussed and the common practice of judging cracks on their surface width is generally deprecated. It is concluded that, while intrinsic cracks are sometimes unpredictable, they can often be minimised and controlled by careful attention to design details and construction techniques. Finally the report describes some of the materials and methods that may be used for remedial work. Updated to reflect Eurocode 2.

Document Number

Technical Report 22

Document Status

This document is available from CIS

Document History

Replaces 3rd edition,1992. A cement and concrete industry publication. CCIP-048.


In situ concrete/cement

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