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17 January 2017 | by

Digital Built Britain is the next stage of the UK's digital construction revolution and will see the principles and practices required for BIM Level 3 solidify.

12 December 2016 | by

The future of construction is driven by information but what do we mean by 'information' when it comes to BIM? We explore the realities of digital construction and the information powering the revolution.

23 February 2017 | by

A best practice toolkit to help the construction industry tackle modern slavery in its global supply chains has been launched by the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and industry alliance Stronger Together.

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23 February 2017 | by

Time is running out to share your experiences from the frontline of the digital construction revolution to help shape the NBS National BIM Report 2017. You've got until the end of the day on Tuesday to take part. Here we muse on some of the key trends we'll be watching for as your responses come in.

23 February 2017 | by

Typical concrete comprises cement, water, gravel and sand. While this mixture makes the substance hard and strong, it does not promote flexibility. Thus concrete is brittle and prone to cracks if too much weight is applied. What if it could be more bendable?

21 February 2017 | by

Learning doesn't stop when you leave the classroom, professional qualifications in hand. It continues every day on the job, both formally and informally, as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Here we explore why CPD is so important for construction professionals including architects and highlight a range of useful resources.

21 February 2017 | by

Don't let fear stop you from reaping the benefits of adopting an organisational approach to Building Information Modelling (BIM). Here we explore how to get started when it comes to auditing and implementing new workflows to better support digital construction.

21 February 2017 | by

Revisions to BS 5266 have been made to better align the document with national and European standards and to reflect the fact that, in some scenarios, such as hospitals or care homes, occupants may need to remain on the premises in safety.

20 February 2017 | by

Open Doors returns next month offering a unique chance to see behind the scenes at major 'live' construction sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

20 February 2017 | by

In Contemporary Vernacular Design Clare Nash articulates a passionate plea for a return to vernacular principles to prevent built environments lacking in identity, diversity and spirit. With 26 case studies this is a book packed with practical example and highly accessible as a result.

15 February 2017 | by

NBS research has found that Approved Documents are valued by users and are essential in making sure people comply with the building regulations. There is, however, work to be done to make them fit for digital construction.

15 February 2017 | by

Building successful UK sectors in smart cities, cyber and physical security and realising the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) is at the heart of the Digital Built Britain initiative. But what is the IoT and how can construction make the most of the opportunities it affords?

09 February 2017 | by

The green agenda has moved on. So, what does it mean to build sustainably today? Regenerative Development and Design: A Framework for Evolving Sustainability attempts to reconnect the wider environmental ecosystem and drive change.

08 February 2017 | by

What is the difference between an ordinary door and a fire door? This article provides some insight into the use of fire doors in passive fire protection, how they should be specified correctly and who is responsible for their maintenance.

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