Digital Construction Report 2023


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Read our 12th report on digital construction and BIM to find out the latest technology trends among construction professionals. See how your experiences and views compare with your contemporaries, and how people are using digital tools and approaches to address industry challenges.

Is the construction industry reaching a turning point?

Does construction lag behind other industries in its adoption of digital ways of working? Does it matter, and is digital transformation relevant to everyone in the industry? These are some of the questions that we ask in our latest Digital Construction Survey – the findings from which are in our report, which you can download below.

What are the trends for technology adoption in 2023? Is this the year for AI? How are people using new technologies? Is it to help measure the environmental impact of new and existing assets? Are they using them to collaborate and share information, or to bring designs to life for clients?

Against the backdrop of some of the most significant legislation to affect the industry in decades, is technology helping us to build better, more sustainably and safer? And what are the challenges for organizations looking to harness the potential of digital ways of working?

What's in the report?

In our latest report on digital technologies and BIM, read about:

Who took part?

Between July and September this year, we surveyed 723 design and construction professionals about their use of, and views on, digital ways of working. For each completed response, we donated £1 to construction charity CRASH, and are pleased to support their important work to help vulnerable and homeless people. The survey was supported by a range of membership bodies and institutes, which helps us to represent different parts of the industry. We are grateful to them, and to the people who took the time to share their views.

All sizes of organization are represented

All sizes of organization are represented – from micro practices with one or two people up to large multinationals, with over 1000.

There are many individual disciplines

There are many individual disciplines – representing the wide range of experts involved in construction projects – including architects, BIM specialists, architectural technologists, engineers, project managers, product and marketing specialists, and many others.

All ages and experience levels are represented

All ages and experience levels are represented – from those at the beginning of their careers, up to those approaching retirement.


Almost three quarters are based in the UK, leaving almost 30% based in other countries around the world. 60 countries are represented, across six continents.

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Thanks to the organizations shown below that supported NBS by promoting the survey to their members and networks