Publication Index

Welcome, this index provides information about key industry documents which are or have been available in The Construction Information Service, or cited in NBS Guidance.

The Construction Information Service is a joint venture product from NBS and IHS that provides critical industry information and legislation in an extensive range of full-text documents. Some of the documents are available to download from The Construction Information Service, or alternatively you can purchase British Standards from BSI using the links on our pages. Please note the newly added document status indicators:   Green  Amber  Red

Publisher list

Click on a name to view the list of reference documents within the Publication Index for that publisher.

Ealing Publications, UK
Earthscan Publications Ltd, London, UK
Ecclesiastical Architects and Surveyors Association, UK
Economic and Social Research Council, Swindon, UK
Economic Commission for Europe, London, UK
Editorial Pencil, UK
Education Funding Agency, UK
Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, UK
EFNARC, Farnham, UK
Electrical Contractors' Association, London, UK
Electrical Safety Council, London, UK
Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, UK
Elsevier Science and Technology Books, Oxford, UK
Empty Homes Agency, London, UK
Energy Institute, London, UK
Energy Networks Association, LONDON, UK
Energy Saving Trust, London, UK
Engineered Wood Association, Tacoma, USA
Engineering Equipment and Materials Users' Association, London, UK
England Squash, Manchester, UK
English Heritage, Swindon, UK
English Nature, Peterborough, UK
English Partnerships, London, UK
English Tourist Board, Hammersmith, London, UK
Enterprise Ayrshire, Kilmarnock, UK
EnviroCentre Ltd., Glasgow, UK
Environment Agency, Bristol, UK
Environment and Heritage Service, Belfast, UK
Environment Council, London, UK
Environmental Change Institute, Oxford, UK
Environmental Industries Commission, London, UK
Environmental Information Service, Dublin 2, Ireland
Environmental Protection (UK), Bristol, UK
Environmental Protection Agency, Wexford, Ireland
Environmental Services Association, London, UK
Envirowise, UK
Equality Commission for Northern Ireland, Belfast, Northern Ireland
EU BIM Task Group,
Eurisol UK Mineral Wool Association, London, UK
European Child Safety Alliance, Birmingham, UK
European Commission, London, UK
European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization, Brussels, Belgium
European Committee for Standardization, Brussels, Belgium
European Construction Institute, Watford, UK
European Convention for Constructional Steelwork, B-1200 Brussels, Belgium
European Environment Agency, London, UK
European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, London, UK
European Golf Association Ecology Unit, Dorking, UK
European Liquid Roofing Association, Haywards Heath, UK
European Liquid Waterproofing Association, London, UK
European Organisation for Technical Approvals, Brussels, Belgium
European Parliament, London, UK
European Parliament / Council of the European Union, 2985 Luxembourg, Luxembourg
European Union-Legislation, London, UK
EUROVENT, Bourne End, UK
Exova BM TRADA, High Wycombe, UK
External Wall Insulation Association, Surrey, UK

Document Status Indicators

Green The Green document status indicator indicates that the document is:
  • (a) current in the Construction Information Service and
  • (b) the latest version - ie it does not have any other documents that replace or amend it and is promoted as a current document by the publisher.
Amber The Amber document status indicator indicates that some caution is needed when using this document - it is either:
  • (a) current in the Construction Information Service but has a document or documents that replace or amend it, so please look at the "Newer Versions" tab or
  • (b) not in the Construction Information Service but with another reason why it may be relevant to our customers such as being cited in NBS or in the Building Regulations Approved Documents. Again there may be more recent versions of the document.
Red The Red document status indicator indicates that the document is an old version
  • The document has likely been withdrawn by the publisher, also the meta data presented here may be out of date as it is no longer being maintained by the editorial teams at NBS.