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The British Cement Association merged with the Quarry Products Association and The Concrete Centre to form the Mineral Products Association and is now known as MPA Cement. Formerly known as the Cement and Concrete Association, the British Cement Association is the trade and research organisation that represents the interests of the UK's cement industry. They have range of publications which include fact sheets, technical reports and good practice guides to support the use of concrete and cement in construction.

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Series details Title Year Status
Admixtures for concrete 1991 Red
Basement waterproofing - design guide 1994 Amber
Basement waterproofing - site guide 1994 Amber
Basements: land use and energy conservation - 1. Evaluation with market and construction survey 1998 Red
Basements: land use and energy conservation - 2 House basement case studies 1998 Red
BCA guide to materials for masonry mortar 2005 Green
Briefing note for specifiers on the advantages of low alkali sulfate-resisting portland cement 1996 Red
Cement, concrete and sustainability. A report on the progress of the UK cement and concrete industry towards sustainability 2002 Red
Cement-bound materials for pavements: materials selection, mix design, construction and testing 2000 Green
Cement-bound materials for sub-bases and roadbases: material selection and mix design, construction and control testing 1990 Red
Charts for the design of circular columns to BS 8110 (including 1996 amendment) 1989 Green
Composite concrete bridge superstructures 1988 Red
Concise concrete specification… for structural applications 1997 Red
Concise Eurocode for the design of concrete buildings 1993 Red
Concrete bridges 1992 Red
Concrete car parks - design and maintenance issues 1997 Red
Concrete ground floors their design, construction and finish. 3rd edition 1986 Red
Concrete pavements for highways. 2nd edition 1994 Red
Concrete practice. 3rd edition 2002 Red
Concrete practice 1992 Red
Concrete substructures for bridges 1993 Red
Concreting in hot weather 1980 Red
Consultation on Euro-cements 1990 Red
Customer site safety: bagged delivery. 2nd edition 2008 Red
Customer site safety: bagged delivery 2005 Red
Customer site safety: bulk delivery. 2nd edition 2006 Red
Customer site safety: bulk delivery 2005 Red
Customer site safety: bulk delivery (4th edition) 2008 Red
Designed and detailed (BS 8110: 1997). 3rd edition (Superseded by the 4th edition) 1998 Red
Detailed design of composite concrete bridge superstructures 1988 Red
Diagnosis of alkali-silica reaction 1992 Red
Ecoconcrete - the contribution of cement and concrete to a more sustainable built environment 2001 Red
Economic concrete frame elements 1997 Red
Efficient masonry housebuilding - detailing approach 1990 Amber
Essential guide to stabilisation/solidification for the remediation of brownfield land using cement and lime 2004 Green
Fast-track concrete paving (FTCP) 1995 Red
Floor levelling screeds 1997 Amber
Foamed concrete 1991 Red
Foamed concrete - a Dutch view 1991 Red
Foamed concrete - a specification for use in the reinstatement of openings in highways 1993 Amber
Foamed concrete - composition and properties 1994 Red
Foamed concrete for improved trench reinstatements 1991 Red
Fundamentals of quality assurance on site: guidance notes 1986 Red
Ground-supported in situ concrete floors for houses 1988 Red
Guidance to prevent hot meal burns. 2nd edition 2005 Green
Guidance to prevent slips, trips and falls 2005 Green
Guide to contractor detailing of reinforcement in concrete 1997 Amber
House foundations for the builder and building designer 1981 Red
Impurities in concreting aggregates: construction guide 1987 Amber
Introducing efficient masonry housebuilding 1985 Red
Introduction to prestressed concrete 1992 Red
Introduction to prestressed concrete (2nd ed.) 2002 Green
Kickerless construction 1988 Red
Minimum requirements for durable concrete: carbonation and chloride-induced corrosion, freeze-thaw attack and chemical attack 1998 Red
Mobile plant reversing and visibility aids 2006 Green
National structural concrete specification for building construction (2nd ed.) 2000 Red
New or revised British Standards: update for BCA publications 1993 Red
Planning for quality on site: guidance notes 1989 Red
Plastic cracking of concrete 1991 Red
Precast concrete frame buildings: design guide 1992 Red
Rationalisation of flat slab reinforcement 2000 Green
Recycling contaminated land using cement 1997 Red
Review of methods to determine the moisture conditions in concrete 1990 Red
Road recycling using cement 1997 Red
Strip foundations for houses 1993 Red
Suspended concrete ground floors for houses 1983 Red
Sustainable development and the cement and concrete construction sector. Interim report 2003 2003 Red
Testing cement-sand screeds using the BRE screed tester 1986 Red
Testing protocol for greywacke aggregates (alkali silica reaction) 1999 Red
Whitetop - Concrete overlays and inlays 1993 Red
Whole life costing - concrete bridges 1995 Red
Winter concreting 1978 Red
Worked examples for the design of concrete buildings 1994 Red
APM 1 Visual concrete: design and production 1988 Amber
APM 2 External rendering 1992 Red
APM 3 Control of blemishes in concrete 1981 Red
APM 4 Efflorescence on concrete 1982 Red
APM 5 Removal of stains and growths from concrete 1982 Red
APM 6 Weathering of concrete buildings 1986 Amber
APM 7 Textured and profiled concrete finishes 1986 Amber
APM 8 Exposed aggregate concrete finishes 1985 Amber
APM 9 Tooled concrete finishes 1985 Amber
BAS 1 Benefits, viability and costs 1991 Red
BAS 2 Preliminary assessment of the design of basement walls 1991 Red
BAS 3 Thermal performance of dwellings with basements 1993 Red
BAS 4 House with basement: design exercise 1994 Red
BPGICFB Concreting for improved speed and efficiency 2000 Green
BPGICFB Early age strength assessment of concrete on site 2000 Green
BPGICFB Early striking and improved backpropping - for efficient flat slab construction 2001 Green
BPGICFB Flat slabs for efficient concrete construction 2001 Green
BPGICFB Improving concrete frame construction 2000 Green
BPGICFB Improving rebar information and supply 2000 Green
BPGICFB Prefabricated punching shear reinforcement for reinforced concrete flat slabs 2001 Green
BPGICFB Rationalisation of flat slab reinforcement 2000 Green
BRAD 1991 Basements for dwellings. (Superseded by Approved Document - Basements for dwellings (2004 edition)) 1997 Red
COS 1 Ready-mixed concrete 1993 Red
COS 2 Reinforcement (1994 reprint with amendments) 1993 Red
COS 3 Formwork 1993 Red
COS 4 Moving concrete 1993 Red
COS 5 Placing and compacting 1993 Red


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