Campaign to Protect Rural England

The Campaign to Protect Rural England were formally known as the Council for the Protection of Rural England. They have been campaigning for a sustainable future for the English countryside for 80 years. Their publications highlight threats and promote positive solutions.

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Documents by this publisher

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Series details Title Year Status
20:26 vision - what future for the countryside? 2008 Green
A basis on which to build? 2004 Green
A pox on the countryside? A briefing on the Government's draft planning policies for the countryside 2003 Red
Anybody home? Empty homes and their environmental consequences 1998 Green
Aviation, noise and the countryside 2003 Green
Back together again 2004 Green
Bad lands: good uses - the scandal of urban dereliction 1998 Green
Beyond transport infrastructure - lessons for the future from recent road projects 2006 Green
Breaking the inertia 2001 Green
Brownfield comes first - why brownfield development works 2016 Green
Brownfield market signals - greenfield housing land supply and the viability of brownfield housing development 2009 Green
Building on Barker 2005 Green
Campaigners' guide to local plans 1992 Green
Campaigners' guide to minerals 1996 Green
Campaigners' guide to public inquiries and planning appeals 1997 Green
Campaigners' guide to trees and woods 1996 Green
Change for the better: towards sustainable rural development 1998 Green
Changing lanes: a new direction for rural transport policy 1995 Green
Circular projections: household growth, housing development and the household projections 1995 Red
Cluttered countryside 1996 Green
Coal mining and colliery spoil disposal 1994 Green
Coastal planning - draft planning policy guidance note 1992 Red
Compact sustainable communities. 2nd edition 2006 Green
Concrete and tyres: development effects of major roads: a case study of the M40 1992 Green
Continuity and change: main report 1995 Green
Continuity and change: speech 1995 Green
Countryside generation game - the effect of changes in planning for renewable energy one year on 2014 Green
CPRE's policy on aviation 2008 Green
CPRE's policy on brownfield land 2008 Green
Defining the urban regeneration sector 1999 Green
Delivering best value in planning 1999 Green
Design and density 2002 Green
Determined to dig: the role of aggregates demand forecasting in national minerals planning guidance 1991 Green
Developing an intrusion map of England 2007 Green
Down to earth: environmental problems associated with soil degradation in the English landscape 1994 Red
Driven to dig: road building and aggregates demand 1993 Green
End of hierarchy? A new perspective on managing the road network 1995 Green
End of the road? Challenging the road-building consensus 2017 Green
Energy conscious planning: the case for action 1991 Green
Environmental assessment and planning: extension of application 1992 Green
Environmental impact assessment 2004 Green
Environmental policy omissions in development plans: a CPRE survey 1994 Green
Environmental statements: getting them right 1990 Green
Expanding airports. Destroy the countryside 2003 Green
Extracting the truth about quarrying 2004 Green
Fair examination? Testing the legitimacy of strategic planning for housing 1999 Green
Farm diversification: planning for success 2000 Green
Focus on the Thames Gateway 2006 Green
Future development of air transport in the United Kingdom 2003 Green
Future energy landscapes: a new approach to local energy planning. Design and rationale report 2017 Green
Future harvests: economics of farming and the environment 1990 Green
Generating light on landscape impacts - how to accommodate onshore wind while protecting the countryside 2012 Green
Getting a grip: tackling greenfield housing sites in the planning pipeline 1999 Green
Going, going, gone? England's disappearing landscapes 2013 Green
Going to town 1998 Green
Going west? Road building plans for the South West 1994 Red
Green belt myths - CPRE's guide to what you need to know 2015 Green
Green belt under siege: 2017 2017 Green
Green belt under siege: the NPPF three years on 2015 Green
Green belts, 50 years on - if they didn't exist, we'd have to invent them 2005 Green
Green or mean? Assessing the environmental value of the CAP reform "accompanying measures" 1992 Green
Greening the regions: regional planning guidance 1994 Green
Guidelines for aggregate provision in England and Wales 1993 Green
Have we put our own house in order? The UK's responsibilities to Earth Summit II 1997 Green
Hedge facts! 1998 Green
Hedging your bets: is hedgerow legislation gambling with our heritage? 1999 Green
Hidden depths of water privatisation: water privatisation and the planning system 1989 Green
Highway inquiry procedure rules and compulsory purchase by Ministers inquiry procedure rules 1994 Green
Historic buildings and conservation areas 1994 Green
Housing capacity on suitable brownfield land 2016 Green
Housing myths: housing solutions 2003 Green
Housing the future - an analysis of the Government's household projections and their use in planning for new housing 2009 Red
Housing the nation: meeting the need for affordable housing - facts, myths, solutions 2004 Green
Housing with hindsight: household growth, housing need and housing development in the 1980s 1996 Green
Hungry housing 1998 Green
Index of national planning policies 1993 Red
Key points from 'Mind the gap' 2004 Green
Land use and forestry 1989 Green
Landlines: why we need a strategic approach to land 2017 Green
Leisure landscapes: leisure, culture and the English countryside 1994 Green
Local attraction: the design of new housing in the countryside 1995 Green
Local development schemes 2004 Green
Losing lanes to lorries 1997 Green
Lost land. Land use change in England 1945-1990 1992 Red
Lost land: East Anglia 1993 Green
Lost land: East Midlands 1993 Green
Lost land: land use changes in England 1945-1990 1992 Green
Lost land: North 1993 Green
Lost land: North West 1993 Green
Lost land: South East 1993 Green
Lost land: South West 1993 Green
Lost land: West Midlands 1993 Green
Lost land: Yorkshire and Humberside 1993 Green
Major development threats to green belt 2007 Green
Making sense of environmental capacity 1997 Green
Making use of planning policy statement 12: local spatial planning (PPS12) 2008 Red
Mapping tranquillity - defining and assessing a valuable resource 2005 Green
Market towns - losing their character 2004 Green
Meadow madness: why the loss of England's grasslands continues uncontested 1999 Green
More welcome homes 1997 Green


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