Foamed concrete - composition and properties

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Foamed concrete is a lightweight material produced by incorporating a preformed foam, into a base mix of cement paste or mortar, using standard or proprietary mixing plant. The entrapped air bubbles reduce the density of the base mix and have a strong plasticizing effect on it. Foamed concrete is free-flowing but exhibits thixotropic behaviour. It is easily placed, requires no compaction and flows into the most restricted and irregular cavities. Segregation and bleeding are also inhibited by the bubbles and the material can be pumped successfully over vertical and horizontal distances similar to those for pumpable dense concrete. Foamed concrete can be produced with dry densities of 400 to 1600kg/m³, with 7-day strengths of approximately 1 to 10N/mm² respectively. Foamed concrete is fire resistant, and its thermal and acoustical insulation properties make it ideal for a wide range of purposes, from insulating sub-bases and roof screeds, to void filling. It is also particularly useful for trench reinstatement.

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British Cement Association

The British Cement Association merged with the Quarry Products Association and The Concrete Centre to form the Mineral Products Association and is now known as MPA Cement. Formerly known as the Cement and Concrete Association, the British Cement Association is the trade and research organisation that represents the interests of the UK's cement industry. They have range of publications which include fact sheets, technical reports and good practice guides to support the use of concrete and cement in construction.

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