Global support

Supporting our Customers on a Global Scale

Sharing our knowledge and expertise with construction professionals around the world

So what's happening?

NBS is expanding into new territories around the world, starting with Canada and Australia. We are really excited about sharing our knowledge and expertise with construction professionals around the world.

We are NBS

NBS are a leading provider of knowledge management products and services to the construction industry. We are leading the built environment from the smallest practices to largest global organisations.

Supporting customers around the world

It doesn’t really phase us that we are now expanding our reach. We already harness the power of online training and eLearning and have plans to build on this to ensure that all our customers have access to exactly the right level of support at the right time.

Face to face support and training

You cannot undervalue the benefits of face to face training and support, so we are going to have to build on our existing provision through new alliances and partnerships with organisations who want to support our journey – it’s all really exciting.

What's first?

We are moving across the Atlantic to Canada first. Digicon in Canada is now part of NBS. This is an established and trusted organisation and they have a great team on the ground to help us share our vision, showcase our products in this new territory and help answer the questions people may have.

Underpinning this, we have support networks in place around the globe including technical authoring teams, developers, support teams and consultants who will all be working together to ensure we meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

Exciting times

It’s a really exciting time for NBS and we can’t wait to start sharing our tools and services with the world! Watch this space!

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