Celotex partners with the NBS National BIM Library to launch new BIM objects

Press Release
22 May 2013

Following government requirements that BIM is to be mandatory on all of its projects by 2016, Celotex is delighted to announce that it is the first PIR manufacturer to launch their entire product range as BIM objects.

Launched on 1 May 2013, Celotex's high performance insulation solutions – including their 'best in class' Celotex FR5000, which delivers better U-values and thinner solutions – now feature on the NBS National BIM Library website. All Celotex BIM objects are available in all major software formats and are IFC compatible.

Jon Roper, Assistant Product Manager at Celotex, said:

"We decided to engage early with BIM as we understood the crucial role manufacturer data plays in its success. We share the view that BIM is 'the future of specification' and have worked with RIBA to maximise opportunities for BIM as early as possible.

"Creating and hosting our entire product range through the NBS National BIM Library was the natural choice for Celotex. Being able to offer all of our products available in all major formats was a key part of the decision making process."

Building Information Modelling (BIM), designed to reduce capital costs and carbon by 20% on all government projects is tipped as the future of the construction industry. This claim is also supported by BIM's aspiration to provide a process for the construction industry to work collaboratively, along with its ability to cut project costs by foreseeing and eliminating any errors in design.

Drew Wiggett, Head of Product Information at NBS, said:

"We are very pleased to be working with Celotex to provide BIM objects of their products which will be available through the NBS National BIM Library.

"The NBS National BIM Library is leading the way within the construction industry in providing manufacturers products in structured BIM objects available in multiple platforms.

"Celotex will be in a fantastic position to move forward in the emerging BIM environment through their collaboration with NBS National BIM Library."

The NBS National BIM Library was shortlisted as finalists in the BIM Initiative category for both Building and Construction News awards this year.