30 January 2017

Digicon President David Watson said: “This acquisition means that Digicon will be able to improve the quantity, quality, and support of our specification and software products, with full access to the resources and experience of NBS.” 

“Digicon welcomes this acquisition with open arms, and looks forward to continuing to bring the best in construction information technology to Canada in an effort to equip its customers to compete on a national and global scale.

“Digicon’s products and software will continue to be sold and supported via the online storefront Spex.ca; an alliance between Digicon and CSC (Construction Specifications Canada).”

It is a natural progression for NBS to develop our tools and expand our service offering to support both our UK customers and those in these exciting new markets

Richard Waterhouse

NBS Chief Executive, Richard Waterhouse, said: “We are passionate about digital construction and this passion is echoed within the industry in all corners of the globe.

“Organisations are looking for a single provider to support their work in international markets and so it is a natural progression for NBS to develop our tools and expand our service offering to support both our UK customers and those in this exciting new market.

“We already have an established, highly skilled technical and development team in the UK and are very much looking forward to working with similarly skilled and committed experts in Canada.

“We pride ourselves in being seen as global leaders in innovation with and for our customers; the customer is at the forefront of all that we do”.

This is the latest stage in planned international expansion for NBS, who provide technical information, specification and BIM tools to construction industry professionals, after launching a subsidiary, NBS Knowledge Pty Ltd, in Australia at the start of the year.

A list of frequently asked questions can be found below:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this acquisition mean for Digicon customers?

Digicon will continue to operate as normal, hosting the Spex.ca storefront where its specifications and software are marketed and deployed. It will continue to publish the National Master Specification (NMS) in file formats compatible with Digicon’s software.

This acquisition means that Digicon will be able to improve the quantity, quality, and support of its specification and software products, with full access to the resources and experience of NBS.

Will there be any new products added to the Digicon range?

NBS has several products which are already used by organisations in Canada, such as the NBS National BIM Library.

NBS welcomes any customers to get in touch should you have any requirements which are not currently being met or have new international requirements that cannot be met with the current Digicon range.

Who do I contact for support?

Who you contact for sales, support and customer service has not changed by this acquisition.

  • NBS - To contact the NBS support team, email info@theNBS.com or phone 0345 456 9594.

  • Digicon - To contact the Digicon support team email support@spex.ca or phone 1-800-610-7732.

What does this acquisition mean to NBS customers?

There will be no change to existing NBS customers in the UK following this acquisition. NBS always welcomes any customers to get in touch though should they have any international requirements or queries.

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For further information about NBS, visit www.thenbs.com and to find out more about Digicon visit www.digicon.ab.ca

For more information, please contact NBS PR Executive Jennifer Scullion on 0191 244 5523 or email Jennifer.Scullion@theNBS.com.

About NBS

NBS, specialist provider of technical information for construction industry professionals, offers essential, innovative products and services, highly valued by those working in architecture, construction, design and engineering.

The premier source of construction-related information, NBS has produced the recognised national standard specification system for the UK for more than 40 years. It provides solutions for a broad range of new build, refurbishment, retrofit, landscaping and domestic projects for construction professionals. Delivered within a powerful software package, NBS’s specification products continue to develop, leading an evolution of the specification and procurement process for buildings in the UK and overseas. NBS also provides solutions for contract administration and project information management.

NBS Create is a ground-breaking new specification tool that ensures all documentation works together intelligently throughout the entire project timeline, from concept stage to completion and beyond, to save time and money. More than 5,000 offices across the UK subscribe to NBS products, including 96 of the top 100 AJ practices.

The award winning NBS National BIM Library is also the primary source of free-to-use Building Information Modelling (BIM) content in the UK. It contains thousands of generic and proprietary BIM objects authored to the trusted NBS standard, all of which are data rich and are integrated with the world leading NBS specification software.

NBS is part of RIBA Enterprises Ltd, the knowledge management company of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). RIBA Enterprises employs 250 staff and has offices in London, Newcastle upon Tyne and Newark.


About Digicon

Digicon is a premier source of construction-related information in Canada - primarily in the form of master specifications, software for specifications and BIM, and related services. Digicon is a Canadian corporation based in Alberta for more than 20 years, starting as a father/son family business and now transitioning into a division of RIBA Enterprises.

Digicon’s flagship products are its master specifications, designed for the large and small commercial sectors (CMS and MiniSPEC), and the residential sectors with HomeSPEC, and project management documents such as OutlineSPEC and MasterPP.

Digicon was a North American pioneer, developing time saving plug-in for Word called SpecMacros in the mid-1990s.  During the 2000s, Digicon developed and continues to market BIMdrive – a specification management software tool designed to be compatible with BIM models.

Since 2003 Digicon has marketed and deployed its products through a web-based site known as Spex.ca; a marketing alliance between Digicon and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC).