15 August 2018

1. Have you enjoyed your time at NBS?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I can genuinely say that if my university studies weren’t getting in the way, I would’ve loved to be given the opportunity to stay on. I’ve become quite attached to the people and work I’ve been involved with and I’m sad to be leaving.


2. What have you learned? And who from?

All sorts. John McKechnie has been an excellent mentor during my time here, teaching me the theory of project management which I could then apply to my work – making a huge difference. Helen Frame has been a helpful point of call, and has offered advice wherever I’ve asked for help. Helen Whitfield and Lindi Teate have both helped give me an insight into the commercial drivers into the products we deliver, and all which surrounds that. Phil Scott and the whole of the NBS Chorus project team have improved my technological literacy; allowing me to better understand the realities and challenges of building commercial software. And finally, James Forbes, for giving me lessons in dry wit and humour.


3. What work/projects have you been involved in?

I was entrusted with the ownership of a business-wide activity and resourcing project. This involved conducting an in-depth comparison of various software providers, as well as being the first point of contact within NBS when working with these providers. I produced spreadsheets on financials and built a high-level scoring matrix to help communicate whether each provider met our business needs. Throughout, I worked with Lindi Teate and Phil Scott, making recommendations and giving them advice regarding the solutions I looked at, and whether they were in line with our commercial requirements. In addition to this, I shadowed the NBS Chorus project team up until the product release date which was hugely insightful.


4. What are you next steps for study/career? 

I return to the University of Leeds in September to finish my Politics degree. In the near future, I hope to complete my CFA IMC Unit 1 before returning to Leeds.


5. Would you recommend other people looking for internships to come to NBS? 

Absolutely. NBS is leading the way in the world of building specifications and it’s an exciting time in the industry, making your time spent here hugely worthwhile. This accompanied with a welcoming and transparent working environment, makes NBS a really fulfilling place to work and gain valuable experience.


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