Product design in the gas and containment industry necessitates safe, sustainable product lines. JUTA UK recognises the importance of innovative sustainable products with robust service life installed to the highest standards.

We spoke to Technical Director Patrick Flood about how NBS Source helps ensure specifiers get the most from JUTA’s product range. Here’s what Patrick had to say…

JUTA UK provides a wide range of gas, waterproofing and containment engineering products. Our GP® Membranes lead the way in gas proofing performance and durability, and our Titantech® range of products obtained the world’s first independent (BBA) certificate for combined water, ground gas, VOC, and hydrocarbon protection.

Our product range is extensive, as it’s often best to provide our customers with solution-based systems after listening to their requirements. We joined NBS Source due to its vast recognition, both in the UK and globally. Using the NBS platform means we can give specifiers full access to our detailed product lines, as well as help ensure that the products are used in accordance with industry guidelines, sustainability requirements and safety standards.

We have invested heavily in low energy input manufacturing technologies to create high performance, sustainably engineered materials. For architects browsing NBS Source, utilising JUTA UK’s range will provide reassurance and a level of confidence granted by the brand’s extensive knowledge and ability to advise on every element of the product, from performance and capabilities through to durability over its design life.


"We want our products and technical information to be totally transparent and easily accessed by specifiers, and the NBS platform provides a fantastic source for architects and designers to assist with creating product specifications." 

JUTA UK’s range of products are available to view on NBS Source.

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