10 August 2017

Newcastle-based NBS is recruiting an entire new team to focus on developing its business in the UK and internationally.

Having recently selected national company NRG as their recruitment partner, NBS aim to build the new business development function to drive business growth and ensure it sustains strong commercial advantage in the global market place. 

Helen Whitfield, chief operating officer at NBS, said: “We are a growing business and are helping to lead a changing industry, something we could not do without the wide range of skills and experience our colleagues bring to the business.

“UK organisations are looking for a single provider to support their work in international markets so it’s a natural progression for us to develop our teams and services to support both our UK and international customers.”

NRG are currently working on a selection of strategic roles that will underpin the development of new and existing business.

The roles include: director of business development, two commercial consultants, a business analyst, project manager and a head of partnerships.

Therese Liddle, CEO NRG expresses her enthusiasm for this opportunity to be part of the growth strategy for NBS, “It’s wonderful to be part of the journey with NBS, creating a new commercial team that will support their long term vision.” 

To find out more about these roles and apply, please visit http://www2.nrgplc.com/nbsopportunities

Image shows (l-r) Leanne Chambers Head of Resource Solutions at NRG, Helen Whitfield COO NBS and Therese Liddle CEO NRG.

About NBS

Our origins lie in the National Building Specification and for over 40 years we have developed and produced NBS products which support the built environment. Our NBS specification products cover construction, engineering services and landscape design.

More recently we have developed an integrated Building Information Modelling (BIM) platform that has been designed to support global design and construction. It currently has four major components: 

  • NBS BIM Toolkit - BIM execution plan, roles and responsibilities.
  • NBS Create - Specification and knowledge platform.
  • NBS National BIM Library - BIM object library, generic and actual.
  • Construction Information Service (CIS) - Standards and regulations.

CIS is delivered via a joint venture with IHS Markit. This relationship has successfully prospered for many years.

Our products are recognised as being individually effective in their own right, but via the linking of the data, classification and integration, the true power comes through these connections across the NBS BIM platform. Combining world leading technology with expert knowledge, NBS is viewed as trusted to help construction industry professionals make the best project decisions.

To find out more about NBS, visit www.theNBS.com

About NRG

With a successful track record spanning 40 years, NRG is an innovative recruitment solutions business specialising in Digital and creative businesses, Financial Services, E-Commerce Distribution, Manufacturing and Professional Shared Service Centres.

NRG understand that one of the biggest challenges for businesses is recruitment and that securing and integrating the right talent is integral to the future success of any company. NRG, in their consultative role, support business partners through the targeting and acquisition of key staff. Satisfying long and short term goals regardless of the number of placements required, whether that’s one or three hundred.

For media enquiries contact:

Maxine Dursham, Head of Marketing, NRG
0191 2604463