Architects must always strive to balance design aesthetics with sustainability as we head into an eco-friendlier era.

With a specification-first approach, the business embraced NBS Source as a way to offer specifiers detailed access to product data and system advice. Their range is tailored for eco-friendly designs and includes their renowned Qtoo collection. 

“The Qtoo Collection was launched in 2020. It brings 100% recyclable taps and shower fixtures to the market. All products in the range share our precision-designed with a minimalist aesthetic. Our Qtoo taps and shower fixtures make use of marine-quality, non-corrosive AISI 316 stainless steel for both its internal and external parts. The material is highly durable and is guaranteed for 20 years.” 

Sustainability is about more than material design, which d line Eisenware recognises. The brand has begun incorporating technology that helps reduce waste. 
“This year, we’ve launched a new line of sustainable sensor taps. They are styled after our already-loved Qtoo collection but have been given new functionality and an amplified hygiene factor via motion-activated technology. 

“All steel parts in our sensor taps are 100% recyclable and come with a 20-year guarantee. Sensor taps promote saving water by granting more control over levels of water consumption for the building owner.” 

Minimalist bathrooms with maximum sustainability

Architects interested in specifying sustainable bathroom ware can find d line Eisenware on NBS Source. “We have a dedicated team of sales managers who help build specifications and assist with your requirements. Providing enhanced specification data for our products is so important to us. NBS Source’s direct integration with NBS Chorus makes the specification process easier, so it’s a win for specifiers and for us.” 

With a combination of sleek, minimalist Danish aesthetics and eco-friendly material design, d line Eisenware seeks to make it easier than ever for architects to specify sustainable systems in bathroom projects.

“For far too long, the industry has been driving costs in the wrong direction, which has allowed poorly-made products to be specified and easily replaced. Our industry is stronger than this and, with support from NBS to enhance our product data, we hope we can help alleviate non-sustainable offerings in the future.” 

Check out d line Eisenware’s products via NBS Source.

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