13 November 2017

NBS, the leading global provider of technical information, specification and BIM tools to construction industry professionals, passionate about providing experiences and roles for the next generation, sees this latest offering as a huge step forward in helping prepare students for the ‘real world.’

NBS Chief Operating Officer, Helen Whitfield was inspired by the approach that Professor Jane Turner OBE Pro Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise and Business Engagement) at Teesside University was taking, launching a suite of ground-breaking new courses in partnership with renowned and respected TV architect George Clarke, through his Ministry of Building Innovation and Education (MOBIE) initiative.

“It was a must to work with Jane, her can do attitude is infectious. NBS wanted to support this initiative to bring real-world applications into an education environment,” said Helen.  

The software, NBS Create, will help give the students an understanding of the importance of specifications and integrated project information on construction projects.

Built into the final year of the University’s Engineering Degree, students will be able to experience NBS Create, the specification software product built by NBS that is an essential for all Building Information modelling (BIM) led projects.

“There is no such thing as an ‘oven ready’ graduate,” said NBS Director of Research & Innovation Stephen Hamil.

“For students studying any built environment-connected degree, it’s hugely important that we can provide as close to an experience of what they will come to face in their future careers, and by providing this license to students at Teesside University we are one step closer to helping achieve this.”

NBS has focused for the last 12 months on connecting to other educational establishments as part of a programme of nurturing and supporting young people from across the region, to reach their potential and to see the opportunities in the built environment. 

There is no such thing as an ‘oven ready’ graduate

Dr Stephen Hamil, NBS Director of Research and Innovation

Benfield School and Trinity Academy were two schools that have recently benefited from this programme, where students were given time to sit and talk to a variety of people within NBS, asking questions about their various roles and the paths that lead them to their career.

NBS was announced as one of the latest sponsors on the PlanBEE programme, with its first cohort of students starting in the business back in September. The new North East Futures UTC College opening in September 2018 is another development that NBS is excited about.

Helen continued: “The success of NBS is down to talented colleagues, many of whom have grown and developed within the business. We want to make sure we are part of shaping the future and creating the best opportunities for the next generation.

“Being involved in innovative initiatives like the PlanBEE programme, which is providing non-traditional routes into work is fantastic and is giving students the wider experiences they need to prepare them for the world of work.  When we take on apprentices and graduates, we create a role for them in order to develop and retain them. We have many colleagues who started out as apprentices, who are now part of our senior team, leading their own department and contributing to the future direction of the business.  We are committed to creating exciting roles and interesting careers, so if you’re willing to work hard and you want to shape a successful career for yourself, NBS will give you that opportunity and help you.”

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Main Image:  Sarah Starkey, Karen Hall (Benfield School teacher), Helen Whitfield (chief operating officer NBS), Elly Main and Eslam Eldoky.