NBS launches industry changing specification tool - NBS Create

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2 September 2011

NBS, providers of the recognised national standard specification system for the UK, is pleased to announce the launch of NBS Create - a new specification tool that will revolutionise the way project data is created, maintained and shared in the construction industry and support the widespread adoption and optimum use of BIM (Building Information Modelling).

The premise of NBS Create is to make life much easier for design and construction teams. It will allow an entire project team to work on a single, integrated specification, or to combine separate systems or parts of the specification into a single published document.

NBS Create facilitates the efficient development of a rich information model from the very start of the project right through to as-built documentation. The model develops as the scheme progresses with the documentation as a set of outputs from the model. No more re-entering data into separate outline and full specifications.

This can then be developed alongside the CAD model through the life of the project to produce a contract specification and finally, a record specification. As the specification model and the CAD model can be linked, design decisions are only documented once and in the right place.

Authored and maintained by NBS's in-house technical specialists, NBS Create is easy to install and benefits from online content that is automatically updated. This ensures project teams are using the most accurate and up to date information.

Richard Waterhouse, Chief Executive of RIBA Enterprises Ltd, said:

"We see NBS Create as the backbone of BIM, providing the necessary high quality and structured data inthe most accessible format. Intelligent technical content and intuitive software means you can specify the way you want at every stage of a project and review and extract information, including reports, quickly and easily.

NBS Create will simplify decision processes and facilitate the scale of business efficiencies in terms of cost and time that BIM can unquestionably deliver."

NBS Head of Specification, Ian Chapman went on to add,

"The whole process of authoring a specification is simplified saving time and money. If you include a product specification it is pre-linked to the appropriate workmanship information for inclusion.

It also manages workflow, NBS Create automatically tracks every decision made during the life of the project and makes it easy to communicate the changes to other team members. It is also element/system based containing detailed and robust performance specification for every system/element."

NBS Create is now available for demonstration by contacting NBS. The technical content is being released in stages with the relevant content for the engineering services sector going live in November. The remaining structural, architectural and landscape content will come online in March 2012.

Find out more about NBS Create.

The launch of NBS Create coincides with the announcement today of the development by NBS of the NBS National BIM Library, a free to use single source of generic and proprietary BIM objects. For more information on the NBS National BIM Library go to www.nationalBIMlibrary.com.

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NBS, specialist providers of technical information for construction industry professionals, offers essential, innovative products and services, highly valued by those working in architecture, construction, design and engineering.

The premier source of construction-related information, NBS has produced the recognised national standard specification system for the UK for over 35 years. It provides solutions for a broad range of new build, refurbishment, retrofit, landscaping and domestic projects for construction professionals. Delivered within a powerful software package, NBS's specification products continue to develop, leading an evolution of the specification and procurement process for buildings in the UK and overseas. NBS also provides solutions for contract administration and project information management.

NBS produces a range of information delivery products, including The Construction Information Service, a joint venture with IHS. Since 2005, NBS has published the Building Regulations' Approved Documents for England and Wales. NBS TV provides specialist learning services for individuals and organisations working in the architecture, design and construction industry, offering unique high quality video content.

NBS Create is a groundbreaking new specification tool that ensures all documentation works together intelligently throughout the entire project timeline, from concept stage to completion and beyond, to save time and money.

More than 5,000 offices across the UK subscribe to NBS products, including 96 of the top 100 AJ practices.NBS is part of RIBA Enterprises Ltd, the commercial arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). RIBA Enterprises employs 250 staff and has offices in London, Newcastle upon Tyne and Newark.

For further information about NBS visit: www.theNBS.com.