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At NBS we love hearing about how customers use our software and services. Here we present our latest case studies.

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The latest case studies and stories

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the partnership between Silent Gliss and NBS. Many changes and innovations in technology, design and construction have transformed the industry from how it looked in 1988 when Silent Gliss first joined NBS. In 2018, 30 years later, Sam Shervill, Marketing Manager at Silent Gliss, talks to NBS about innovation, technology and how the route to design and specification for window treatments has evolved.
Lawray Architects is an award-winning RIBA Chartered Architectural practice founded in 1974. Their mission is to provide clients with an exceptional service by using their talent and expertise to optimize each design.
A manufacturers perspective: why investing in BIM objects and digital technology is essential. ievo share their experience of hosting fingerprint readers and control panels on the NBS National BIM Library.
Since collaborating with NBS ten years ago, Johnstone’s Trade has successfully taken the hassle out of coatings product specifications. Johnstone’s Trade, a brand of PPG (a global leader in the coatings market) has been at the forefront of the UK professional trade paint market for over 125 years.
Last year Franke Sissons partnered with NBS to host their building information modelling (BIM) objects online. Now they get nearly half a million impressions every month. Sarah Hallam from Franke Sissons shares her thoughts on the company's BIM journey and relationship with NBS.
Product innovation, new technology, the UK Government’s regulation on BIM and specification have led to an increased need for knowledge and expertise in the construction industry. Sarah Roberts, Marketing Director at John Cullen Lighting, talks to NBS about CPD and why they chose to be a part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network.
Manchester City Council's Capital programmes group has delivered a foreward thinking approach to developing its schools estate. We catch up with the project team to reflect on lessons learnt.
This article looks at how the NBS BIM Toolkit was used by Manchester City Council to create a template digital plan of work for their secondary school programme.
We explore how Manchester City Council used a range of NBS services across the design and specification stages to deliver a refurbishment of St Margaret's Primary School.
With detailed examples and drawing on the lessons learned from the refurbishment of our own Grade II listed, Newcastle-based NBS headquarters, this case study explores how we used BIM throughout the project.
Lee Jones from Ideal Standard shares his thoughts on the company's BIM journey.
The team at David Miller Architects share their experience using high-quality BIM objects as part of their project design workflow.
The NBS Online Viewer allows models and specifications to be uploaded and viewed from the context of a project from within the NBS BIM Toolkit.  We caught up with the team at BDP to find out how they took the tool for a test drive on their Glasgow Queen Street project.