When it comes to fire safety, each component of a project plays its role in mitigating the risks associated with an outbreak of fire – from the structural integrity of a building to the materials used in its construction.

Yet, the role of paint in fire prevention and containment is often overlooked.


Paint is a crucial factor in any fire risk assessment, with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (England & Wales), the Fire (Scotland) Act and the Fire Safety Act (2021) all outlining the potential hazard of flame spread on painted surfaces.

These regulations impose a legal obligation on building owners to ensure that robust fire safety measures are in place. Incorporating specialised paint products can significantly reduce these risks, enabling buildings to meet the current regulations.

The Timonox range 

Crown Trade Timonox is a range of flame-retardant paint solutions designed to slow the spread of fire by providing an effective barrier against flame and heat release. 

The product range can provide a comprehensive solution for building owners, facility managers and employers to protect the occupants of their properties. Crown Trade Timonox has a well-documented reputation for providing a first line of defence against the spread of fire and compliance with rigorous safety standards. The products are cost-effective and do not require specialist application.
When exposed to flames, multiple layers of conventional decorative paints can become fuel that feeds the fire and speeds its development. The Timonox range addresses this issue head-on with its flame-retardant properties. Unlike standard paints, Timonox slows down the spread of fire, providing valuable time for evacuation and firefighting efforts. 

Each formulation in the Timonox range has undergone one of the most extensive and detailed test programmes, and is continually reviewed and updated, maintaining its position as the longest established flame-retardant coatings solution for walls and ceilings in the UK market. 
One of Timonox's key strengths is its versatility. The product range, which includes basecoats, topcoats, and primers, offers a comprehensive selection to suit various fire safety requirements. 

Crown Trade Timonox Upgrade Basecoat is formulated to expand when exposed to fire, creating a thick physical barrier between the fire and the potentially flammable paint layers underneath. It offers an extra layer of protection that sits underneath the Timonox flame retardant coatings where historic decorations represent a higher risk. While Crown Trade Timonox Vinyl Matt and Crown Trade Timonox Acrylic Eggshell are decorative flame-retardant coatings for use on walls and ceilings, specially formulated for use on new non-combustible surfaces and previously painted non-combustible surfaces. 

Crown Trade Timonox Scrubbable Matt
is one of the more premium products in the range. Its water-based formulation provides a durable, scrub resistant, and flame-retardant surface. Crown Trade Timonox Clear Top Coat, used over Timonox Acrylic Eggshell, is a sacrificial anti-graffiti glaze. It provides additional protection and durability and makes it ideal for use in communal areas. The Crown Trade Timonox Anti-Graffiti Flame Retardant Glaze and Activator work as a 2 pack system that provides flame retardant surfaces from which graffiti and other soiling can easily be removed. These products are 100% solid, solvent-free, high eggshell and flame retardant for use over Crown Trade Timonox Vinyl Matt. 

Finally, the foundation for the Timonox coating system is the Crown Trade Timonox Bonding Primer, designed to help overcome situations where the previous decoration may pose an adhesion problem, such as old multicolour fleck finishes with glazes. 

Whether you're looking to upgrade existing coatings or apply flame retardant finishes to new surfaces, the range provides solutions that prioritise fire safety without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

One option when upgrading is to remove existing coatings back to a non-combustible surface, especially where adhesion has been problematic. At this point, Timonox should be applied (and re-applied for future redecoration) to prevent a further cycle of fire performance degradation. Where existing coatings are sound, a Timonox flame retardant overcoating system may be adequate to achieve the required fire rating. Depending on the coating history, a higher performing Timonox upgrade system may be necessary. 

Furthermore, continually building up thicker and thicker layers of standard decorative products is not advisable in building escape routes. The Timonox range can help you break the cycle of increasing risk.

Support upon specification

Navigating the complexities of fire safety regulations and product specifications can be daunting, so Crown Trade's team of professionals is on hand to offer guidance and support every step of the way. 

From initial assessments to product selection and application, Crown Trade's experts ensure that your chosen Timonox system is accurately tailored to the unique requirements of every project. Through certification and legislation, the manufacturer can provide evidence that independent testing ensures it meets legislation and BS and Euroclass testing, offering peace of mind to specifiers and building owners. 

Crown Trade also offers specialist, bespoke fire safety and regulation ‘Toolbox Talks’ to give contractors the information they need to use the product range. The manufacturer's RIBA-approved CPD ‘Understanding Fire Risks Associated with Interior Coatings’ covers health, safety and wellbeing, legal, regulatory and statutory compliance from the RIBA core curriculum. It explores the science behind paint and fire, legislation and how specifiers can mitigate risks.

In addition, Crown Trade offers a range of services to meet your fire safety needs. From flake analysis to pre-application assessments and paint adhesion testing, the manufacturer provides resources to ensure that any chosen Timonox system is accurately tailored to a property's unique needs.  When it comes to protecting a property and its occupants from the potentially devastating effects of fire, Crown Trade Timonox provides the ideal solution for reliable, compliant, and effective flame-retardant paint solutions. 

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