An exceptional entry from this Coventry University student and a unanimous winner for all four judges.

The design intent behind the scheme was to provide a place that instils magic into the lives of a centre user and a therapeutic ‘home away from home’ environment for all. Set on the beautifully tranquil Lake Windermere, the site was chosen for its fresh environment and views that achieve relaxation and reflection during activities as well as a number of water features to add to the tranquillity of the landscape.

A light space with spectacular garden surroundings and a kitchen at its heart, the building has three interconnected spaces to allow for communal and private use. The idea for this centre was heavily influenced on what would make a space therapeutic for a cancer patient and so the use of earthy materials like slate stone and being exposed to green spaces were thought to be in stark contrast to the walls and surroundings of a typical hospital environment.

The judges commented:

Ted Cullinan: “Placed beside Lake Windermere a village-like collection of separate rooms interspersed with a continuous garden. It is sketchily drawn but the concept of linked rooms in a garden beside the like is a lovely one.”

The design statement is very clear and there is a real focus on light and being able to see the natural world, bringing the outside in to create a sense of calm and peace. There is a focus on the garden spaces and the natural materials to make it feel the opposite of the hospital environment.

Tina Pringle, NBS

Tina Pringle: “They have done great research to pick out elements of other Maggie centres that have worked well and tried to incorporate those features into this building. A great amount of thought and planning has gone into the use of the space and trying to make the spaces flexible and work together. They have also thought about the space that would be needed for privacy and support for the user of the building. The Entrance into the build is light a welcoming and brings you into the heart of the building the kitchen. Light and nature seems to have the thought process around the windows and façade and cladding of the building, this brings softness and light. The landscape spaces have moving water features which bring in a sense of peace and tranquillity and these can be both accessed and viewed from numerous locations throughout the building. As the building is all on one level it makes it accessible to all. Toilets are dotted throughout the building to make it feel more like a home environment and accessible to all.”

Karen Verrill: “A beautifully designed proposal, which fits into the landscape. I particularly liked the narrow windows in the private spaces to bring deep light into the building and the garden pods to increase the number of small spaces.”