Double CPD points at NBS Live Conference: Digital Thinking, Smart Building

August 2014

The importance of CPD

When we talk about CPD we often describe it as a structured approach to learning. Indeed, it is both a portal to help ensure competence in best practice, as well as a process for taking in knowledge, as equally important as gaining practical experience. In essence, CPD can be any relevant learning activity – whether formal and structured, or informal and self-directed – that helps develop professional skills.

This approach places emphasis on:

On a personal level, any professionally relevant learning activity can count towards your requirements – from reading to gaining additional qualifications. Your own programme may take into account factors such as what you need to know, personal and professional circumstances, local factors, the level of detail you need, the amount of expertise you require, your position and responsibility, career aspirations, the needs of your business, and the time and money you can afford to spend.

As an architect, you are obliged to undertake at least 35 hours of CPD per year, and award at least 100 learning points to the individual CPD activities you carry out.

NBS Live Conference

 As the end of the year approaches do you worry about the amount of CPD hours you have built up?

NBS can help you boost your hours and learning points, by attending our annual NBS Live Conference: Digital Thinking, Smart Building you can gain double CPD points.

All seminars at NBS Live are RIBA CPD accredited, which means you can enjoy double points throughout the day. The maximum number of learning hours you can attend is five and a half, which means you can gain 11 points in just one day.

This year’s conference considers the profession – and the built environment as a whole – and how it is currently undergoing an evolution in the way it works. The one-day conference, hosted by the RIBAJ and NBS, will confirm what this means for the profession and outline the possibilities for clients, users and developers. Key to this will be the day’s facilitated content which, like last year, will be set out in four key themed areas:

Finally, remember, the RIBA regularly monitors a random sample of chartered members’ records to determine compliance.

Early bird tickets are now available [LINK REMOVED - NO LONGER CURRENT] for the conference which is being held on 4 November 2014 at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London.


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Assigning points represents your assessment of what you got out of the CPD activity.