22 March 2018

At NBS we are committed to ensuring that all of our colleagues are treated and rewarded fairly for the important work that they undertake. As such we welcome the opportunity for more transparency on the gender pay gap. The causes of a gender pay gap can be varied and complex; however at NBS we are committed to balancing the differential from a gender perspective by taking action to address it.

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We have published our data in line with the new government reporting stipulations which requires us to identify the differences in pay between our male and female colleagues across our entire workforce, regardless of job role. The data covers the period April 2016 to April 2017. The gender split within our workforce for the snapshot data was 56% male 44% female.

One of our aims within NBS is to have a workforce that feels they are both able to build, sustain and progress a career within our business and within the construction sector. This aim isn’t realised by accident, but rather through a combination of direct actions and outputs; development of an inclusive, engaged and trusted culture; and a working environment that has agility and flexibility for all colleagues to operate and thrive.

Pay and bonus

The below shows the overall mean and median gender pay gap based on hourly rates of pay as of 5 April 2017. The data demonstrates the mean and median differential in bonuses paid to men and women within NBS in the year running up to the snapshot date i.e. the bonus payments for the 2016 performance year.

While our gender pay gap of 12.9% is below the UK average of 18.1% (according to the Office of National Statistics) we are passionate about doing more to close the gap further.

Bonus payments

Every colleague at NBS plays a part in contributing to our success. We believe that all colleagues should be rewarded and recognised for the performance of our business as well as for the individual contribution that they make to shape success. All eligible colleagues within our business were rewarded with a performance related payment for the 2016 performance year with a gender split of 91% male and 89% female.

Pay quartiles

Our pay quartile data is split over four equal groups of 64 colleagues. The gender pay gap differential identified within our highest quartile is reflective of the fact that there are currently more male colleagues than female colleagues in senior, and specifically directly technical roles within NBS. We are working to address the gender imbalance within all of our quartiles.

Download the Gender Pay Gap Report



I confirm that the above information is correct – Irena Peel, Finance Director