What is SpecMaster Online and how will it benefit me?

September 2013

SpecMaster Online has been developed by NBS and Twyford. This new online tool enables you to create comprehensive Twyford sanitaryware specifications in NBS format and helps to prevent the specification of incompatible Twyford Bathrooms products. Up to date and easy to use, SpecMaster Online contains details of all Twyford's current products. The online system guides you through each step of the process from deciding how you want to structure your sanitaryware specification, to selecting products. You can then choose from a range of outputs to suit your individual needs from pricing through to technical product information. Your completed Twyford sanitaryware specification can then be imported into NBS Create (import is limited to creating a new job) where you can then add other specification information as required.

Full details are included within the Twyford NBS Plus pages in NBS Create, and you can access SpecMaster Online directly at www.specmasteronline.com externallink.