NBS Create and Contractors

NBS Create is the most recently developed specification writing tool from NBS. This page contains information and resources to help support contractors and users of NBS Create specifications better understand and work with these documents.

The following video and accompanying document have been developed to describe the structure and classification of an NBS Create specification and also to demonstrate how the document can be navigated and used.

Download NBS Create – A Guide for Contractors (.pdf, 1.5Mb)

NBS Create is based upon the Uniclass 2 classification system - a different classification system to other NBS specification writing tools. Though the structure and form of an NBS Create specification may differ from specifications written with other NBS tools, much of the content is in fact very similar. The Uniclass classification ensures that the project specification is compatible and can be used more effectively with a Building Information Model.

The key to navigating a specification produced with NBS Create is understanding the structure of the content. The clauses are arranged as a series of systems and products which are grouped into categorised sections.

Each system includes a system outline clause which describes what the system is composed of; a number of product clauses which specify the products and materials from their associated sections; together with the performance, execution and completion clauses that are required to facilitate that system. Clauses have a specific clause reference number within each system or product section. The numbering follows a common format and describes the Uniclass2 classification and the type of clause.

Products however, do not have the same section classification as the systems that use them, instead they are classified under specific product sections but are linked to specific systems. This enables products to be shared by a number of systems, and means that NBS Create users do not need to enter and maintain similar clauses in multiple locations.

For example, the same clause describing an insulation product may be used in a masonry system and a roof system, NBS Create and the Uniclass2 classification system allows for this clause to be shared and linked between the two systems.

An NBS Create specification exported as a .pdf includes hyperlinks embedded within the document, this allows users to navigate to linked clauses quickly, without needing to refer to the contents page.



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With NBS Create you can produce professional outline, performance and full specifications with architecture, structural, building services and landscape content more efficiently. NBS Create is an essential tool for BIM projects.

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Sample Output

View a sample output from NBS Create featuring content from all four libraries.

Download sample output  download (.pdf, 1.6Mb)