NBS Building

Produce professional specifications more efficiently. Save time and reduce risk by using NBS Building on your projects. Read more

Pricing and Purchase

Introducing NBS Building

Key benefits

  • NBS Building has pre-written specification clauses and guidance for over 200 work sections. Find out more
  • NBS Building makes specifications very easy to produce and leads you through the process. This reduces the risk of leaving out clauses. 
  • NBS Building content is also available in print and as a word processing discs version. Contact us for more information

NBS Building for professional specifications that ensure peace of mind

You’ll have an NBS specialist on your project team

With a subscription to NBS Building, you benefit from the work of our in-house team of technical authors, who are continually researching to provide the best technical guidance and clause options to people writing specifications.

It will keep you up-to-date

Clauses, guidance and product information are updated regularly. When you use NBS Building, the software will let you know if you are using the most up-to-date information. If updated material is available, it will prompt you to access it.

Produce professional specifications

NBS Building contains pre-written technical specification clauses and preliminaries for selection and editing to produce project specifications. Clauses are authored by our team of in-house architects and surveyors to be concise and robust, and are arranged in accordance with the Common Arrangement of Work Sections (CAWS).

Some clauses require additional information, which you can either type in or complete with the use of drop-down lists of suggested solutions. Clauses are provided for both prescriptive and performance specification.

Less time specifying

Specifications are produced with speed and accuracy by removing clauses not relevant to the project from a pre-authored list and using the drop-down menus to add project-specific content.

Maintain quality control

By using NBS Building you can be assured you are using the industry-standard specification system that conforms to best practice. It provides extensive guidance to help you select and edit the right clauses for your project. In NBS Building you can set permissions, monitor progress and track revisions.

More than just software

Our multi-discipline team of qualified and experienced construction professionals are at your disposal to answer technical queries and offer guidance. Our software support specialists are on hand when you need them too – all part of your NBS subscription.

On screen guidance
Specialist general and clause guidance is integrated on screen and includes references to regulations and standards accessed directly via the Construction Information Service.
Free support

Regular updates, support articles and direct access to technical and software specialists.

Explore NBS Building in more detail

Different NBS Building libraries provide preliminaries, work sections and guidance suited to certain types of work. The libraries are: Standard, Intermediate, and Minor Works.

NBS have a number of tools and resources to support and enable you to get the most out of NBS Building. 

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows 10, 8 or 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) updated with the latest service pack.
Hardware requirements
  • Processor 2.0GHz - Highest affordable speed rating recommended
  • Memory 4GB
Good to know
  • Co-ordinate information between your specification model and your CAD model with NBS Plug-ins. Find out more...
  • “The product is so comprehensive that it almost performs as a checklist for everything that we should be addressing in the detailed design of a building… it assists us in ensuring our packages of information are fully comprehensive.” 

    Source: NBS Customer Satisfaction Survey 2015

Other NBS Tools to consider
  • NBS CreateFeatures pre-written specification clauses and guidance and a library of manufacturer specification information. NBS Create also offers the ability to display revision information on published output and get update assistance for project specifications when NBS is revised. You can also develop outline and performance specification and preview project specification clauses from a BIM environment.
  • NBS SchedulerFeatures pre-written specification clauses and guidance and a library of manufacturer specification information.
  • Not sure which product is right for you? Quickly compare our range of specification tools.

View a collection of sample specification outputs from NBS Building.