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Work together as one with NBS Chorus, the collaborative specification platform that supports global design and construction.

NBS Chorus

Work together as one


Make working together work for your team. NBS Chorus transforms the way you specify - bringing the people that matter together in the same online space, wherever they are. Work together in real time on one trusted source of the truth with access for all. Easy to maintain permission levels - collaborating with clients, consultants and contractors has never been simpler.

Work as one

Specify and Design together. No more working in silos, or leaving the specification to the last minute.

Share easily

Invite contractors and consultants to read or contribute to your specification - work together on one source of the truth.

Real time

The entire team can work on the same document at once - resolving queries together in real time to produce robust, accurate specifications.


Peer to peer learning, using previous project information to influence future decisions.


NBS Chorus is the only digital specification platform that delivers trusted content and guidance to multiple classification structures.

Global content

Pre written specification content authored to multiple classification structures, supporting your projects around the world.

Expert guidance

Up to date content and guidance at your fingertips - let NBS experts be the extra pair of hands in your project team.


Efficient assembly of robust and accurate specifications, using our pre-written content.

Uniclass 2015

Trusted content from NBS, authored to Uniclass 2015.


Revolutionise the way you specify and connect information. Minimise risk on complex projects by allowing your whole team to work together in the same space, in real time. Decision making is simplified. Technology and process is transforming the way that people are able to collaborate to deliver projects.

Work in the cloud

Automatic software updates. No upfront IT costs. Access anywhere, anytime.


NBS Chorus allows the sharing of non-graphical data enabling everyone to access the information they need, wherever they happen to be.


Realise the time and cost savings digital is bringing to the construction industry today

Model Integration

Interoperability of geometry and specification data to inform decision making.

Thank you for your interest in NBS Chorus. So that we can better serve you, please take a moment to tell us about your areas of interest.