NBS Domestic Specification

For just £60.00+VAT per project, create specifications online with essential NBS technical clauses and guidance written specifically for small domestic building projects.

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Domestic content

The content is designed especially for work on small domestic buildings. It includes elements of work you are likely to need for typical domestic projects and is presented in a clear and concise way.

Quick and easy to use

Specifications are edited easily and accurately onscreen. Much of the content is pre-written so very little typing is involved. Some clauses require additional information which you can either type in or complete with the use of drop-down lists of commonly specified values.


On-screen guidance helps you select and edit the right content for your project. It provides information for each work section relating to materials and design, including workmanship advice and tips on how to avoid pitfalls. 


Once you've completed your specification you can publish it in .pdf format, which provides a professional document to give to tenderers, the contractor and the client. The specification document provides clear and concise information, ensuring everyone is working towards the same quality standards.

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Sample Specification

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