At NBS we love hearing from organisations across the construction industry about the projects they're working on and their experiences of the digital construction revolution. Here we present the latest tales from the frontline.

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The latest stories

How an ambitious architectural practice is leading construction into new spaces, breaking down silos and championing collaboration to get results for their clients.
How an architectural practice is embracing the challenge of BIM to deliver better buildings.

We caught up with the team at architectural practice JDDK to find out more about their experiences in developing a BIM approach and discover just how that works in practice on innovative projects.

We caught up with Craig Muldoon from Howard Russell Construction to find out more about his experiences implementing a BIM approach on projects.

Ryder Architecture embrace and champion the new era of collaborative construction to deliver award-winning projects in the UK and around the world. And through their BIM Academy joint venture, with Northumbria University, the team have been instrumental in spearheading the wider digital construction revolution.
Manchester City Council's Capital programmes group has delivered a foreward thinking approach to developing its schools estate. We catch up with the project team to reflect on lessons learnt.
Architectural practices share their BIM journeys - how people, tools and technology are coming together to get results for clients.