Most Anti-Spyware software will give the user the option to restrict other applications from writing information to the registry. This can cause a problem with the licensing of NBS software. When you try to license your software, you could get a number of errors.


To prevent your Anti-Spyware software causing problems with licensing:

  1. Click Start > Run and type in MSCONFIG. This tool is only available in Windows XP and Vista. If you are not running XP or Vista you can download the MSCONFIG tool from the internet
  2. Once the System configuration utility window is open, click the Startup tab at the far right and click Disable All and then Apply
  3. Close the window and you will be asked to restart your machine
  4. When your machine restarts, you will get another prompt window explaining you have used the system configuration utility. To stop this message showing up next time you restart your machine, click on the box Do not show this message again and click OK.
You should now be able to license your software.

Once your NBS software has been licensed go back to Start > Run and type MSCONFIG, then go to the Startup tab and click Enable All. Again you will need to restart your machine to apply the settings. This will change your settings back to what they were.