NBS software is designed to be installed and run locally on the client machine (i.e. as a fat client). Once installed on the client(s), the software can be configured to reference resources such as the library files and the software licence from central locations on the network.

Whilst the software is not designed to be installed and run remotely (i.e. as a thin client), we know some of our customers are using this successfully. However, whilst our software may operate on thin client platforms, we do not formally test or support this setup and hence it is likely we will not be in position to resolve all issues directly related to running the software in this environment. We will, however, offer all appropriate advice to help you investigate and resolve any issues that you may find.

More information

What is a thin client?

A client computer or client software in client-server architecture networks which depends primarily on the central server. The application software, data, and CPU power resides on a network server rather than on the client computer.

What is a fat client?

A fat client is a computer in client-server architecture networks which typically provides functionality independently of the central server, doing as much processing as possible and only passing data for communications and storage to the server.