When opening the Autodesk Revit Plugin a message appears:

'NBS Plugin could not be initialised. There was a problem initialising the plugin. Please re-install.'

Error message 'NBS Plugin could not be initialised'

NBS Plugin could not be initialised error message


The NBS Plugin for Autodesk Revit requires that you have NBS Tools installed on your computer.

NBS Tools is installed automatically when you install from the Setup.exe provided in the NBSRevitPlugin download folder.

However if you have installed from the NBS Plugin for Autodeskrevit.msi file, NBS Tools is not automatically installed.

The MSI file is provided for Network Administrators to deploy the plugin and NBS Tools remotely using Group Policy. It should not be used for installing the plugin on a standalone machine.

View of MSI setup file


If you are installing a standalone version of the plugin onto your machine:

  • Uninstall the NBS Plugin for Autodesk Revit
  • Rerun the setup.exe file from the NBSRevitPlugin download folder
  • Open Autodesk Revit and the plugin will now open.

For further information please see the standalone installation guide.

If you are a Network Administrator installing the plugin in several machines using Group Policy you must set up a separate policy for NBS Tools.

For further information please see the managed installation guide.