With the release of NBS Scheduler 2008-2 you now have the ability to export your Schedules and Preliminaries into a PDF format without using third party software, as required in previous updates.

More information

In NBS Scheduler it is possible to export your document to a Portable Document Format (PDF). To export your documents follow the following steps:
  • Open the required document
  • From the menu bar, select File > Export wizard...

  • The Export wizard dialog will appear, allowing you to adjust the content, layout, styles, headers and footers prior to exporting
  • Select the Export button and choose Portable Document Format (PDF).

The Export Progress bar will display; this may take a few seconds depending the speed of your machine and the size of the document.

When the progress bar has completed you will be given the option to save the exported file. Browse to an appropriate location and select Save. After a successful export, you will then be given the option to open the file.