You can install the latest version of NBS Scheduler from within the program to ensure that you are referncing the latest NBS content.

More information

Please follow the steps below to apply an online update to NBS Scheduler.

Please note that online updates must be applied individually to each machine with NBS Scheduler installed.

  1. Log on to the machine with Administrator permissions (contact your IT Administrator for assistance in applying the update if you do not have sufficient permissions)
  2. Open NBS Scheduler from the icon on the desktop or from Start > Programs > NBS > NBS Scheduler
  3. In the NBS Scheduler status bar in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen a message will be displayed informing you that "Software updates now available"

    Software Updates now available screenshot

  4. Clicking on this message will give the option to check for the latest available updates – select OK to continue. This will direct you to the NBS website – you will need an internet connection to download the update
  5. Click the Download button and choose Save the file
  6. When the update has downloaded select Open (you may require a program like WinZip to open compressed files)
  7. When the compressed file opens, run the update by double-clicking on Setup.exe. Please ensure NBS Scheduler is closed before performing this step
  8. In the installation wizard select Next before accepting the Terms and Conditions and selecting Install
  9. When the update is complete select Finish
  10. When you re-open NBS Scheduler, the toolbar will inform you that "You are up to date"

    You are up to date screenshot.