While you are working on a schedule, assistance will be displayed in the Guidance panel. The NBS Plus Manufacturers' Information panel contains information that you may use to complete the inserts in your work items.

More information

To display the Manufacturers' Information panel, select the header in the Guidance Panel.

Manufacturers' Information Panel

The Manufacturers' Information panel will open.

Information from the Manufacturers' Information panel can be used to complete the properties in the schedule of work. There are two ways to specify manufacturers' information:
  1. Using the Add to schedule button

  2. Using drag and drop

Add to Schedule

  1. Select the desired area in your schedule of work

  2. Find the manufacturer’s information that you want to include in your schedule of work 

    Manufacturers' Information

  3. Click on the Add to Schedule button.
The manufacturer’s information will then be inserted into your schedule in the location you previously selected in the schedule. Use the drop down boxes, where available, and text inserts to complete your product selection.

Drag and drop

  1. Find the information that you want to include in your schedule of work

    Selected information

  2. Highlight the desired text

  3. Click on the copy icon 10128_04 at the top of the Manufacturers' Information panel, or alternatively:
    - Right click and select Copy
    - Go to Edit > Copy Special > Copy Property
    - Press Ctrl and C on your keyboard.

  4. Click in the desired area in the schedule of work.

  5. Right click and select Paste, or alternatively:
    - Go to Edit > Paste Special > Paste Property
    - Press Ctrl and V on your keyboard.

    Pasting a property into place