The title and value of any property can be edited.

More information

To edit the title of a property:

Screenshot of a property title
  1. Select the property title to be edited
  2. Highlight the text to be edited (in this case, Size) and insert the required text
  3. The new text will then be displayed.
To edit a property value using value lists:

Properties with value lists are displayed with the following icon screenshot Dropdown:

Screenshot of a property value
  1. Highlight the property
  2. Click on the Dropdown icon to reveal the drop down list
  3. Move the cursor over the list and click on the required value
  4. If a suitable value is not displayed, type the required text in the location adjacent to the property name.
Please note: You are not restricted to the options in the value list, but may also enter your own text by following the procedure listed below.

To edit a property value without a value list by typing in text:

Work item properties without value lists are displayed with Insert Value in red text.

Screenshot of a property without a value list

To enter a value in a property, click Insert Value and type the desired text which will then replace it.