With NBS Create you can develop your own office masters, office values and add user notes (collectively referred to as office data).

The benefit of this is that all of your users who have permission to access these resources can do so from any machine with NBS Create installed.

But how secure is my office data?

Each customer's office data is held separately in an isolated database. Every customer has a unique licence and only users associated with that licence have access to that data. Every user associated with a licence is identified by a unique ID and password.

You can manage what permissions your users have to your office data and manage which users are associated with your licence.

For more information on managing users and setting permissions. 

NBS Create data is delivered from our secure off-site server farm behind a comprehensive hardware firewall. The data centre housing the servers adheres to recognised security standards and is certified as meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2005.

Each essential component of the server farm has "n+1" copies - for example each physical server has multiple power supplies and multiple network connections with, at least, an extra one already configured in place to take over in the event of a failure - the failed component can then be replaced without powering down the server.

A second layer of redundancy is provided by server configuration that allows servers to detect server failures and move services to another server. The servers use a redundant storage system to protect against hardware failure and nightly backups of data and configuration are stored offsite in another secure datacentre.

Finally, you can also export your office data so that you can store a local version if it. For information on downloading your office data.