An issue has been identified in NBS Create in which printing cross references or the ‘shared by’ label for a clause can be incomplete.
When a clause includes a suffix which contains a number of words separated by spaces, the clause will not be classed as unique if the last string of characters is also used by another clause.

So instead of seeing every system listed in the ‘shared by’ label you only see the systems which have uniquely-ending suffixes.


The program only takes account of the string of characters after the last space in the suffix rather than the whole suffix.

For example
25-80-15/175 Stick curtain walling system type Profiled Capped
25-80-15/175 Stick curtain walling system type Slimline Capped
25-80-15/175 Stick curtain walling system type Silicone Glazed

In this example two of the three system outline clause suffixes end in the word “Capped”. The ‘shared by’ label will only display 2 rather than all 3 systems.

It affects all current versions of NBS Create. 

It applies to the system editor and in the published specification if you include cross references to linked clauses.


This has been fixed in NBS Create v1.6.1 (released in August 2016). To check you have the latest version installed click on the NBS Create > Updates menu > Software Updates.