Do you think your NBS Schedule of work is too long?

 Before looking at options for educating the client or contractor on reading this document, there are various ways of reducing the length of your document to create a more concise and clear schedule of work. The following guidelines may describe features of NBS Scheduler that you may not be aware of.


1.0 Using the correct template for the job

Using the correct template is very important for the length of your schedule of work so you don’t include unnecessary information for the project you are working on. You are able to start your project with a blank schedule so you can add all of the constructions and work items manually specific to your project, or we have prepared some typical templates for use with new build or refurbishment, which you can then edit , remove , add and reorganise the structure to suit the project that you are working on.


2.0 How to edit a construction and work item in NBS Scheduler

Constructions and work items can and should be edited as they may contain too much information depending on the project you are working on. Doing this can help reduce the length of your schedule of work by removing the unnecessary text that is included in the generic NBS content.


3.0 Detailing manufacturer objects

We have a free to access library of Manufacturers and their products within all our software packages.  NBS Plus allows you to add specific pre authored manufacturer and product information. By using the ‘add to schedule’ button it adds the relevant information in a new work item underneath the original NBS work item which can then be removed.

See our support video on how to add manufacturer products from NBS Plus.

If the manufacturer or product you are looking for is not in NBS Plus, you may need to add the manufacturer and product details manually. If you receive a product catalogue or in-depth details of the products, all of this information does not necessarily need to be added to the specification and may unnecessarily lengthen your document. For many products, the only details needed within the specification is the manufacturer name, contact details and a product reference.


4.0 Using the 'Ref Spec'

The Ref Spec is generated automatically according to what is in the schedule of work, and it is possible to choose not to print certain sections. Generally, there is a minimum amount of information indicating the standard of material and workmanship. The ref spec does not need to be read with the schedule of work so can be issued separately. This document is designed for reference purposes, for the contractor to see the quality of materials and workmanship. It does not require any editing further than selection of sections.