Under normal conditions* it should only take a few moments to perform tasks such as opening systems in the editor and adding clauses from the pull down menus.

As your specification becomes more detailed, this will take longer. However, if NBS Create is running slowly there may be other things causing this. This guide aims to help you identify what the cause might be.


If the specification you are working on is saved on your network, this may be slowing things down. To investigate this, copy the specification to your desktop, open it from here and compare the time it takes to do the same tasks from both locations.

Working over the network will always be slower compared to having the specification on your local pc. However, if you find NBS Create runs significantly faster when the specification is saved locally you should refer this to your network administrators.

For network administrators, if you use WAN optimization technologies check, these are not causing a conflict.


NBS Create frequently autosaves all of the specification that you are working on. Some antivirus programs can interpret this as unusual behaviour. This can cause NBS Create to run slower than designed.

To test if your antivirus is slowing NBS Create, try adding a temporary exclusion for NBSCreate.exe and the .spex file extension. Depending on the antivirus program you use you may need to uninstall it to test if there is a conflict.

If you find the antivirus program to be the clause of the performance issues we recommend seeking further advice from your antivirus provider.

Multiple users editing the same specification

If NBS Create runs slower than normal when more than one user is editing the same specification at the same time, please refer to NBS Create network performance and optimization.

*Please refer to the system requirements for NBS Create. The performance of NBS Create can be influenced by the speed of your broadband connection, your PC and network and complexity of your specification.

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