When creating forms in NBS Contract Administrator it is possible to preview or print them in draft before you issue the forms.

Please note: NBS Contract Administrator does not include any print options to change styles, layouts etc.

More information

The Print Preview window allows you to preview a published output of the current active form in your job in draft before you issue it. 

Click the Print Preview button 10027-01 to see a preview of your form in draft in a separate Print Preview window:


Print Preview window icons:

The Browse down icon icon - Browse down through the pages of your form.

The Browse up icon icon - Browse up through the pages of your form.

The Browse back icon icon - Browse back through the pages of your form.

The Browse forward icon icon - Browse forward through the pages of your form.

The Zoom in and out and percentage icons icon - Zoom in and out of the print preview using the zoom icons. Alternatively, set or choose a numeric zoom value in the field.

The Single and multiple page view icons icon - Switch between single and multiple page views.

The Find icon icon - Opens the find dialog allowing you to search the document for any words.

The Print icon icon - Opens the print dialog allowing you to print your document.


There will be times when you need to share information that you have produced using NBS Contract Administrator with others who do not have the software and therefore cannot read the files in their native format. Fortunately NBS Contract Administrator makes it very easy for you to export information to PDF format.

To export a form select the Export icon icon. You will then be prompted to specify a location for the exported form.