From download

Download the latest version of NBS Scheduler from downloads to your computer. Unzip/extract the folder and double click on setup.exe.
  1. The NBS Scheduler installation will start and the installation wizard will appear. Click Next.

  2. On the next step carefully read the Terms and Conditions and select to either Accept and continue onto the next step of the installation, or if you choose not to accept the terms and conditions then this will exit the installation wizard. Click Next.

  3. Enter details of your user name and organisation in the next step of the installation wizard. Select to install the software so that it can be used by any user of the computer or restrict the software to the account that is logged on to the machine at the time of installation.

    Please note: that choosing to allow access only to a single account will prevent other users from accessing the software if they log on with a different account.
    Click Next.

  4. The installation process is now ready to begin. Click Install to begin the installation or use the Back button to review or change your installation settings.

  5. NBS Scheduler will now be installed to the machine, this process may take several minutes.

  6. Once this process has finished the following screen will appear, click Finish to exit the wizard.

  7. On completion of the installation process you can you can launch the program by selecting Start > Programs > NBS > NBS Scheduler or by using the newly installed desktop short-cut to NBS Scheduler and NBS Scheduler Preliminaries.

    NBS Scheduler installation splash screen