NBS do not formally support any beta/release candidate software installed with NBS products because such software is still subject to change before the release version. NBS will not therefore be in position to resolve any issues experienced with our products when running with any beta/release candidate software. We would however like customers to report any issues that are experienced to us so we can investigate and resolve them before such software is commercially released, at which point NBS would fully support our products against the software.

If you have any queries please contact NBS Software Support on 0345 456 9594.

More information

What is a beta release?

"Beta" is a development status given to a program or application that contains most of the major features that will be included at launch, but is not yet complete. Beta software can be released to a select group of people, or to the general public, allowing them to report any issues they encounter or any changes they would like to see before the final release.

What is a release candidate?

This is the status between beta version and release version. A version of a program that is nearly ready for release but is undergoing final testing and therefore may still contain some issues.